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Getting those hard to see nits

Wiregrass Lice Relief is celebrating 5 years in business. We remain committed to naturally based products that are proven safe and effective to prevent and treat head lice. A Shepherd Certified company, we have up-to-date, accurate information on head lice and the products that promise to kill them. Our goal is to educate our community so you can have peace of mind and confidence in your decision to let us handle this for you. 


Proven safe and effective products

We offer and use products for treatment and prevention that are proven safe and effective. Some prescriptions can run in the hundreds of dollars and still not kill all the bugs. They do not remove the eggs (nits) and rarely kill them, although they promise to. We focus on getting the lice OUT, not killing it. It will die soon off the head. 


Conveniently located in Dothan

Choose to leave your worries at our place, and not at home. We offer a waiting room with views into the treatment room, a play room for little ones and movies for the client. Get your favorite drink or snack and enjoy a fun, comfortable atmosphere for your whole family. 

The Gift of Lice

Things you might hear in our clinic 😉

As far as treating your home, we want to focus on their environment (points to head), not our environment ( points to chair). 

As long as we focus on the head, we can remove the head lice. 

They‘re “HEAD lice”. They cannot live on other parts of the body, so how do they live on your furniture? They don’t. 

These are not bed bugs or fleas.. so why would you treat the same way you would for those?

If you had to pick a parasite, lice is the least problematic. 

No one is around lice more than me! I simply comb with the lice comb on a regular basis to prevent getting a case of head lice myself. 

Lice do not have wings. They don’t jump or fly. All transmission is by head-to-head contact. 


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